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Here at Nautica we help you to develop and plan your visit to the Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador. Our staff is here to answer all of your questions and give you up to date information. With us you will have your own personal tour guide before you even arrive!

Please read below testimonies from our clients…

Our journey has been swift and full
The ship´s been great from deck through hull
The captain and his kindly crew
Have made it splendid through and through
The cooks and the cabin boys were great
The goodly meals were never late
And arms and hands were reached to save
Our trembling limbs from passing waves.

To Julio, Lenin and Cristina
We owe a very large hazzah
Their smartest knowledge passed the way
For us to savor each grand day
The purser and the doctor, too
Are due a bow and thank you, too.

Excerpt from a poem by Miriam B.

Exceptional trip, Fabian , the guide was very informative and friendly, he knows the Islands very well. I would like to make a point on the food, it was stunning, and everything onboard was fresh, I’m glad to be able to try Ecuadorian food.

The crew was very attentive to our needs and very professional at the same time.

Thank you for this trip.

Jason Parker

Hola Nautica

Ya estamos en casa sin nadie que nos despierte a las 6.45! 😉

Aqui todo esta bien, mucho trabajo, nieve y frio.

Te enviamos un par de fotos de nuestro viaje.
Muchas gracias por las aclaraciones, fueron unas vacaciones muy lindas.

Yanett & Rolando



Hi Nautica!

Thanks once again for guiding us through this fairy tale Wonder Land!!!

You are always welcome to visit us in NY. All the best

– Nathalie Jan 14th 2017

It was astonishing!! When you see the Islands on pictures it’s already awesome but being able to stand in Darwin was just breathtaking.  The Islands we visited were all different; it’s like finding a new world every day.

Kratt Brothers


Un voyage totalement mémorable heureusement j’ai pris plein de photos. Les enfants ont aussi fortement apprécié les iles et ils sont ravis de revenir l’année prochaine. Tout s’est très bien passé et je vous remercie par vos efforts pour maintenir un fabuleux voyage.

Léa Duverger

Hola Nautica!

Disfrutamos las excursiones muchísimo y las explicaciones de los guías naturalistas. Todo estuvo muy bien organizado. ¡Galapagos es encantador !

Frank S.