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Explore Galapagos Islands to see, hear, and learn about the island wildlife, landscape, and even about the undersea submersible used by scientists in the film to explore the Galapagos waters.

We provide logistical assistance for visiting film groups. This includes liaising with the Galapagos National Park in order to obtain permits, making hotel and transportation reservations, arranging boats, guiding, and coordinating service providers. We also provide a scientific advisors and consultants, developing itineraries, arranging interviews, researching content and editing scripts, depending on the focus of the project.

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Highlights from Filming Groups by Nautica

Galapagos Filming Wildlife

See and Film the amazing diversity of the Galapagos Islands.

Green turtles, boobies, Galapagos Tortoises, Marine Iguanas and more.

Underwater Filming

Whale Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Silky, Galapagos and White Tip reef Sharks, Eagle, Cownose, Mantarayas, Fur Seals, School of fish and more.

Galapagos Endemic Species

If the world “endemic” gives you the goose bumps, you will have found nirvana. This is the place of the legends for animals like the Galapagos tortoise, the flightless cormorants, salt spitting marine iguanas and more.

Some of our past filming charters

  • National Geographic, Kratt Brothers: Be the Creature
  • Spain TV, Galapagos Life

Galapagos National Park Service Filming Details and Requirements

The Charles Darwin Research Station can provide assistance and information to film groups wishing to visit the Galapagos Islands .

The Station works in partnership with the Galapagos National Park Service, the governmental management authority of the National Park and Marine Reserve, which regulates filming activities in the Galapagos.

In order to film in the Galapagos Islands , groups must apply to the Galapagos National Park Service for permission. The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to obtain the respective permit from the Galapagos National Park .

Procedures to follow are:

You must also submit a formal letter to the Director of Protected Areas of Galapagos requesting authorization to film in Galapagos, either in the National Park or the Marine Reserve. E-mail requests are accepted and help to speed up the procedures, but in terms of granting authorizations the letter must come via regular mail.

Mgs. Lorena Sánchez Saritama
Educación Ambiental y Participación Social Parque Nacional Galapagos
Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz
Galapagos – Ecuador

Your letter must include:

  1. Script and film objectives.
  2. Crew names and passports, positions, as well as a detailed list of equipment.
  3. Proposed itinerary and vessel to be chartered.
  4. Name of person representing group in Ecuador .
  5. Name of company financing filming project.

Once this information is received (via e-mail ), your filming proposal will be reviewed by a Technical Committee for approval. If it is accepted, the Committee will also decide under what filming category it falls (commercial, scientific or educational).

The Director of the Galapagos National Park provides final authorization of the production of documentaries or films of scientific, cultural, educational, and commercial contents upon receipt of the basic script of the production and itinerary of the team members in Galapagos.

The authorization will be stated in the contract agreed upon by the producer and the Director of the National Park Service.

On behalf of the Direction of Protected Areas of Galapagos, we thank you for contacting us and for your interest in filming in Galapagos.

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