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Located in primary rainforest in the buffer zone adjacent to the vast Yasuni National Park, Eden Amazon Lodge is in one of the most bio-diverse and wildlife-rich regions of the planet. Explore expansive Yuturi Lake paddling traditional dugout canoes, walk through the untouched forest with a Native Kichwa guide and a trained Naturalist and search for amazing wildlife and learn more about this biological heart of our planet.

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Highlights from Eden Amazon Lodge by Nautica

Eden Amazon Lodge Wildlife

Of all the terrestrial habitats on Earth, the undisputed champ of biodiversity is the Amazon Basin, with estimates of up to 30% of all organisms in the world found here. And of the countries that contain the Amazon Basin within their borders, Ecuador has the most biodiverse rainforest per square kilometer. This is due to the great abundance of Terra Firme (dry land) and diversity of habitats.

Eden Amazon Lodge Community

El Eden Comuna has about 400 Kichwa indigenous people and who are the sole owners of about 25,000 hectares (62,000 acres of rainforest) and Eden Amazon Lodge. The comuna has specifically designated all funds generated from Eden to improve the general level of living of the comuna members, live in peace and harmony, develop new projects and programs and improve health and education.

Eden Amazon Lodge Getting there

The Ecuadorian Amazon has the fastest access to the Amazon rainforest in all of South America.
Arrival to Eden starts with a 30-minute flight from the capital city of Quito to the town of Coca. From there, it’s about a 3.5-hour motorized canoe ride down the Napo River to Eden.

Packages (per person)

  • 3 night/4 day tour = $690
  • 4 night/ 5 day tour = $880
  • 7 night/8 day tour = $1,470


  • Rio Napo walk – about a 45 minute guided tour from the Rio Napo to Yuturi Cocha, followed by a paddle ride to Eden.
  • Wangana Trail – 3 hour walk through paradise looking for birds, monkeys, peccaries (pig-like animals)
  • Ceibo Trail – 2.5 hour walk through pristine forest, discovering wildlife and observing the Giant Kapok Tree, which is the largest species of tree in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Makisapa Trail – 2 horas. Makisapa is Kichwa for White-Bellied Spider Monkey, which will be the focus of this excursion, along with observing the forest and any wildlife that happens to be near.
  • Parahuaco Trail – 1.5 hour walk, searching for the elusive Saki Monkey and other wildlife.
  • Comunguy- 2 hour walk. Another incredible journey into virgin rainforest.
  • Shaman – 30 min walk. Just behind the cabañas, this walk is excellent for searching for medicinal plants and stopping at a Shamans hut.
  • Lamadero Wangana – 4 hour walk. A beautiful tour through the forest will lead you to a salt lick, where Peccaries (pig-like animals) sometimes come to visit.
  • Otorongo – 6 hour walk that takes you even deeper into the forest. You will want to bring a pack lunch so you can enjoy every minute in the forest.
  • Night walks – A journey into the forest at night is an excellent way to see how the “other half” lives… the nocturnal half, that is. Search for frogs, snakes, insects, spiders… anything that moves.
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What`s Included

  • All meals starting with the 1st lunch until the last breakfast
  • Bilingual naturalist guide
  • Kichwa native guide
  • Transport from Coca to the lodge and return to Coca

  • Transfer from the Coca airport to the Napo River

  • Use of all trails, entrance fees and

  • Use of dugout canoes

Not Included

  • Tips to crew
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel Insurance


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